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Company Incorporations, Shareholding Agreements & Expert Financial Management.

Helping Grow Your Business

The key to success when creating a company from scratch is to plan in advance and develop a crystal-clear business plan that will serve as a roadmap going forward. Drawing on the expertise and experience of proven business professionals can help entrepreneurs avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes which are so prevalent within the start-up arena; accepting financial and taxation advise from the outset often proves to be a critical step when establishing a solid foundation for growth and commercial success

Independent Advice

The team at DASA Accountancy have a wealth of practical and invaluable experience which they willingly share with clients embarking on their business journeys. Independent and objective, this advice is based on first-hand knowledge developed and refined over many years during which time we have helped numerous companies achieve their commercial objectives.

Benefit from our Network

In addition to providing financial and taxation advice, the DASA Accountancy team can help company owners in a variety of other spheres due to their commercial relationships with other service providers. Once a client identifies an area in which they require assistance, we can put them in contact with the relevant professional organisations within our network.

Our Business Planning service extends way beyond providing traditional accountancy services and has been instrumental in helping clients create, expand and manage an array of successful businesses in a variety of industries.

To find out more about how DASA Accountancy can help your company navigate the challenges encountered throughout the business journey, please get in touch either using the adjacent contact us form, by calling 0203 3434 341 or ia info@dasaaccountancy.co.uk

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