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The DASA Group of Companies Overview

Formed in 2013, DASA Accountancy Limited is part of The DASA Group of Companies which is a diverse and international organisation with commercial interests in a variety of sectors including contractor payroll, property and manufacturing. The Group’s activities are headquartered and managed from their self-owned office suite in Edgware, London which serves as a vibrant business hub for the owners, staff and clients alike.

Company Structure & Entities

DASA Holdings Limited

Overarching parent company under which each of the group’s individual businesses operates.

Contractor Payroll Sector

DASA Umbrella Limited

Formed in 2013, DASA Umbrella Limited is a fully compliant outsourced payroll company providing an array of employment solutions to the temporary worker supply chain.

DASA CIS Limited

Formed in 2013, DASA CIS Limited provides outsourced payroll solutions to contractors working within the Government-regulated Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

DASA Consulting Limited

Formed in 2005, DASA Consulting Limited provides third-party accountancy services to independent clients and individual contractors working through their own limited companies (or Personal Service Companies).

DASA Rewards Limited

Formed in 2019 to facilitate an employee benefits package offered to all workers paid via both DASA Umbrella Limited and DASA CIS Limited.

Property Interests

DASA Property Limited & DASA Lettings Limited

These two companies acquire and rent a residential property portfolio in the South East of the UK.

Sri Lanka

DASA Solutions Limited

Based in Sri Lanka, DASA Solutions Limited provides an array of back-office services including administration, data entry and customer service functions to an international clientele.

DASA Enterprise Limited

Also based in Sri Lanka, DASA Enterprises Limited runs a textile factory producing garments for export and local purchase.

DASA Accountancy Limited benefits from belonging to a dynamic Group of Companies which encourages an entrepreneurial mindset and customer-centric philosophy. We are always interested in hearing from entrepreneurs and companies who share our ethos and feel they can benefit from the services we offer.

To find out more, please get in touch either using the adjacent contact us form, by calling 0203 3434 341 or ia info@dasaaccountancy.co.uk

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